J ulie and Joe's Estate Sales

Just a few estate items and what they sold for.
From left to right top row: Antique fishing lure lot, Grade EX 2000.00, Propaganda book, condition issues, 5.00, Living room accessories and table 75.00,
Bottom row, Couch and accessories, 125.00, china bowl, 3.00. Costume jewelry lot. 2-5.00 per item. Surprised?
Smalls as we say in the business are knick-knacks and such. If you have a lot of smalls even at a few dollars each-it adds up!
Nearly everything has a value to someone. Rocks and minerals, fossils, maps, cameras, crystal, silverware, pottery, the list is endless.
On the other hand certain items just dont sell.
Non-flatscreen TV's
HSC and QVC modern fad collectibles
Common stamps
soiled clothing, linens, and furniture
low grade decorative art
Airport items sold in giftshops abroad
used non-vintage electronics