J ulie and Joe's Estate Sales

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We have over 30 years lifetime experience in estate sales, liquidations, and valuations.
On a more personal note, Julie has a high degree of expertise in valuations of furniture, antiques, fabrics, art, appliances,  Joe has commanding experience with Vintage electronics and ham radio equipment, stamps, coins, vehicles, guns, vintage fishing tackle, rare and unusual items, and tools.
Most household items have some value. Kitchen items, unexpired foods, linens, clothing , shoes, and accessories attract customers. We advertise with many photos.
Most household items, kitchen items, fabrics have well know values in this environment. Special items such as collectibles, antiques, coins, vehicles, art, books will require us to research current market values before the sale. In a liquidation environment sale price on speciality items is lower than market . This is why many collectors like estate sales. Also many modern fad collectibles which may have been expensive at the time of purchase, today may have little general value.
It is important to note that we are a licensed business in the city of Peoria, Arizona. Julie and Joe's maintain insurance and bonding is available for high value liquidations. Most firms do not meet these requirements. We are also master advertisers utilizing extensive internet resources to broadcast your sale across the valley. Our distinctive bright red road signs bring a lot of impulse traffic. Plus we have a loyal following of regular customers that enjoy the way we sell.
Our mission is to maximize the cash sale price of the clients assets. But everything also must be sold. Some items of higher value:
Better jewelry
Quality stamps and coins/Guns
Genuine antiques
Collectible books
original art from a known artist
native american items
fine rugs and fabrics
It may take up to a week to set up and advertise a sale properly. Generally sales are 2-3 days around a weekend. In the Phoenix area sales are better held after November first when the snowbirds return to the valley.
But there is plenty of year round traffic  with a lower volume. Our mission is to maximize the cash value of the clients assets. We do not own a store and have no personal interest in client items. Everything unsold is donated to charity as appropriate.
Julie and Joe are both international travellers and have lived abroad. These experiences assist our customers with Asian  and other international art. Julie is an expert appraiser of raw and finished turquoise and antique jewelry.
Joe is an expert in specialized appraisal of high end collectibles and rarities.